In The Woods Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Sarah, and this is my blog page where I post my stories. This is chapter 1 of a story I’ve been writing called “In The Woods”.

Chapter 1: Alone?

I walked alone in the woods, or, I thought I was alone. Tall trees loomed overhead, blocking out any final rays of sunshine. Eerie gray fog lingered in the air. I wish I hadn’t ventured into the forbidden forest by myself. I wish I had brought Ethan with me. He would comfort me and remind me that I’m not the only human left in the world….actually more likely he would tease me for being scared to try to make himself feel better, but, at this point Il would take any comfort I could get. I would even feel better if Paige were here, I thought. That way, if THEY came after us I could push her into them to slow them down and make my escape. Ethan and I would always make jokes about how Paige annoyed us both, so we always pretended that if some monster was to suddenly be discovered and she was with us before it attacked, we’d get rid of her.


None of us really needed Paige, she was like one of those flies that keeps buzzing around your head, one that just won’t go away no matter how many times you swat at it. But someday I would swat that fly, the buzzing would finally stop and that little fly would be out of my life, forever. Besides, Paige had a crush on me which she made really obvious (and I hated that). It was like she wanted to annoy me, all those lies she told me about how brave and strong I was. That was all they were. Lies. I wasn’t brave or strong like she said. I was a coward. A coward that couldn’t even save the people he loved most. Tears began to run down my cheeks.


A rustle in the trees snapped me out of my thoughts. It’s just a bird. I told myself. It’s probably perfectly normal for birds to land in these trees. It’s nothing but a bird. I glanced up into the endless canopy of trees above. It wasn’t a bird..


No, it was anything but a bird. It had mustard yellow irises around the darkest pupils that I had ever seen. It almost camouflaged in one of the many huge oak trees green and yellow leaves. Something made a soft whoosh sound. The question was, was it the wind or the thing in the tree. I allowed myself to think it was the wind because that way I could pretend that I had just imagined the eyes. I knew that whatever was in that tree wanted me dead. I wasn’t sure why but i had a feeling that i needed to leave the forest right then, or else i would not have a chance to for a very long time, if ever.


I knew I needed to run, but at the same time I was curious about what that thing was and why it wanted me to be dead. Besides, I didn’t want to deal with the outside world right then. There were too things that had gone wrong, I couldn’t leave, not until the memories had faded, even just a little bit. So I decided to stay and find out what was going to happen to me. Deep down in my heart I knew it was the wrong choice, but I couldn’t bring myself to go back to my old life.


I decided to stay in that spot until I could think of a way to keep track of where I had already been. I couldn’t draw a map since I didn’t have any paper, I could sprinkle bread crumbs everywhere, but hansel and gretel had tried that and they ended up at the house of a child eating witch. Plus, I had no bread.


I lost track of how many hours had passed, or, maybe it had only been a few minutes. I didn’t think it had been more than a day, since I didn’t feel very hungry. I stayed in the same position the entire time I was there, at least, until I heard the whispers. I would have ran away right then if I could, but I was frozen in place with no way to escape.


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