In The Woods Chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of In The Woods so… Enjoy. 🙂

Chapter 2: The Girl

I needed to get out of there. If only… No. It wasn’t possible. But maybe…. No, I can’t think that way. Hopefully…. No!

Time seemed to resume and I gathered up the strength and began to inch my foot forward in the sticky goo that surrounded my feet, – as well as one can with one’s foot in sticky goo-. I attempted to pull it back, which didn’t work well. Things like this often happened– it was as if there were two sides of me that were constantly wrestling for control. One side was good, the other, well… not so much. The evil side was winning more and more everyday and I had to do something fast.

My heart raced as blurry red eyes appeared all around me. They stared into my soul, as if they were deciding how much longer they would let me live.

I saw a hazy figure in the distance, gradually coming closer. The leaves crunched under its feet as it walked. It closed the distance between us by about two yards, in fact, it came so close that I could see its feet from under the bushes just in front of me. Slowly, the rest of the body showed itself. As soon as it came near me, everything seemed to freeze, but nothing stopped. I slowly began to regain my vision.

Apparently it wasn’t an it after all. It was a she.. A lady. And a beautiful one at that. But not beautiful like you would think a lady would be beautiful. She was beautiful in a different, strange way. She was beautiful like a golden sunset on a cool autumn evening in the woods -not the forbidden woods of course- crickets chirping, the smell of pine trees all around you, beautiful like the water hitting against the sandy beach shore.  It was almost like an artist had created her from the best things he could find, because boy, was she a work of art! She smelled like a Christmas tree and rain and cookies and all the other wonderful smells in the world.

She had silky long blonde, almost white hair, but looked young, maybe in her early 20’s. She had stunning green eyes and bold fiery red lips in the form of a smirk. Dangling from her ears were diamond hoop earrings. She had a black long sleeve shirt on with a silver choker around her neck. Her wrists had gold and bronze bracelets around them. Her nails were painted black and were so long that it looked as if with just a pinch she would have you punctured. She was wearing dark navy blue skinny jeans and light brown leather high heeled boots that went all the way up to her knee and had shoelaces that wrapped themselves up her legs. “Justin,” she smirked. “It’s so very nice to finally meet you.” The way she emphasized her words made me quiver in her presence.

“W-who, where, how did you find me?” I asked.

“Follow me,” she teased, “I know someone, she’s dying to help you.”

She’s dying to help me?”

“But, she can’t leave the hut…”

Getting annoyed, since she was clearly avoiding my questions, the evil side of me kicked in. “Then take me to her.”

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