In The Woods Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Hiding In The Dark

Beware. The word echoed in my head. But what does it mean? Beware of what? Why do I need to beware? Was that catfish lady the person that could help me? What did she want to do with me? My head hit the pillow, and the softness of the cloud bed beneath me quickly quieted my fears and I drifted off to dreamland.

THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! The pounding from the inside of my closet door startled me awake. I didn’t have the courage to open that door and find out what horrors lurked in the castle, I mean, if witches were in the castle, then who knows what else might be hiding in the dark corners of the rooms? I might even see one of THEM. Even just that thought sent tingles through my body.

The closet door creaked open. It took all my strength to keep myself from screaming my head off. It was…. it was… I shuttered. One of THEM. It had a shriveled, deformed face that was enough to make even the bravest of men run and scream in pure terror. It’s teeth were stained red with blood and were sharpened to a single curved point, but the worst part were the eyes, they glowed mustard yellow -the grossest color in the history of the universe- and dug into your mind, discovering your deepest secrets, your worst fears.

Not only was their appearance terrible, but they could do terrible things. They could instantly kill you without even touching you, but if they did that they were feeling merciful. There were countless ways that they could torture you, including licking you. I know that it sounds weird but their saliva burned skin, clothing, and even metal. They could also poison you, then heal you just enough that it wouldn’t kill you when they poisoned you again. The most common thing they would do is manipulate your body in unnatural ways that are to disturbing to describe.

I could have taken all of that because I had encountered THEM before, but this one was not a normal one of THEM. This one had a strange design on its forehead. This one was the leader. This one killed my parents.

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