In The Woods Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Epic Battle Between me and Death

I stared at the monster as a storm of disbelief, anger, and sadness rushed through my body. I completely forgot about the  small dagger I had gotten back home, on my 12th birthday. That was the day I became a man. That was the day this monster killed my family. It was a mistake that almost cost me my life. The anger rushed back and I roared a battle cry, grabbing the nearest thing to my hand. I had grabbed a fly swatter.

Of course. It has to be a fly swatter. Couldn’t I have grabbed something more dangerous?

It reminded me of Paige. The thought gave me a warm feeling, it was strange, almost like she was reaching her arms out to me offering a big hug. I pushed the thought aside.

Holding the fly swatter out before me like a weapon I swung with all my might releasing all the fear, pain, sadness and all the other bad feelings I had ever felt into that single swing.

It was enough to knock the monster over an send a drop of blood streaming down its face, but, being a billion times bigger than a fly, it didn’t kill it. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the monster got back up so I took my chance. I swatted its face over and over as hard as I could until blood was squirting out his face like a fountain. The blood squirted into my eye and I flew backwards in pain and landed on the floor. Of course. How could I forget, the blood of THEM, when touched causes a burn a trillion times worse than their saliva, when they lick you. There’s no telling what could happen if it got inside in you. I would be blind in that eye forever, but that would be the least of my problems, most likely, I’d die. If it wasn’t for the potion Paige gave me, that can heal any injury, no matter how severe. I guess Paige is useful for something, I thought.

I pulled the potion from my pocket, but before I could drink it, the monster was on top of me his tongue centimeters from my face. He threw the potion on the floor, and the glass shattered into the floor, the potion sizzling, useless now that it had been exposed to air.

“NOOOOOO!”  I screamed There’s no hope now. I’m a dead man.

But why hasn’t he killed me yet? He doesn’t know I got blood in my eyes, he was too focused on the blood that as  coming out from his own face to worry that it got into mine. Maybe he need me alive for something, I wondered. With something as simple as snap of their fingers one of THEM could kill you instantly. That’s not actually how they do it, of course. Well, it could be. Nobody really know how they kill people so easy, they just sort of do.

We fight for what seems like an eternity, the monster trying to kill me it his powers, me with my lame attempts to block it.  Eventually, I realized I had no chance at winning this battle, I ran towards the door, the monster chasing at me. It was locked. Of course. So at the last second, I stepped to the side as the monster barged through the door and ran down the hall after me, thinking I had gone that way somewhere around there corner. Out if all the words to describe THEM, smart wasn’t one of them. I ran the opposite direction, seeing with my in good eye, as fast as I could, knowing soon he would realize he was running after nobody.

I kept running, wanting to scream at the top of my lungs from the pain in my eye, but I held back. I was running so fast that suddenly, I ran into a tall, brunette girl about my age.

“PAIGE!!!!” I screamed  little too loudly. “I have never been more happy to see you!”

“What-” Paige started before I cut her off. I could  tell she was about to ask way too many questions, which we didn’t have time for. She was annoying like that, always asking questions at the wrong time. Truthfully, I h several of my own questions for her right then, well, mostly just one. What was she doing here? But right now we had to focus. We had a monster to run from and an eye to heal. Paige always kept several extra potions on her “just in case,” as she always said.

“Just give me a potion and then we’ll both run as fast as we can that way.” I pointed.


“Just DO IT!” I screamed impatiently. She reluctantly handed me a small bottle and I drink it’s contents. I felt a billion times better. And I could see. It was AMAZING! We ran down the hall, Paige keeping up with me, though, I’m a fast runner, Paige and I both made the track team last school year.

My heart pounded against my chest, threatening to burst. I peeked around the corner to make sure we were safe, as safe as we were going to get, anyway.

“How? What? Why? Huh?” We both said at once. We both burst into laughter. I knew it was strange, since just about ten seconds ago we were being chased by like the scariest thing ever, but we couldn’t help it. It was perfect timing, that she was there right when I needed her.

She’s always there when I need her. I realized. She’s a good friend, one I don’t wanna lose. I have to keep her safe and for that to happen we have to find away to get out of here. Well what about getting my revenge on the one of THEM that killed my parents. Revenge. I’ve had enough revenge for a life time. I thought, thinking back to the source of all my problems.

Then I remembered the reason I was here in the first place and sighed. Oh well, that’s ok. Maybe my problems won’t be fixed or maybe they will. Besides if anyone can fix my messed up life, it’s Paige.

“Come on,” I told her. “let’s find a way out of this. Together.”

She smiled. “Together.”

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