In The Woods Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Sarah, and this is my blog page where I post my stories. This is chapter 1 of a story I’ve been writing called “In The Woods”.

Chapter 1: Alone?

I walked alone in the woods, or, I thought I was alone. Tall trees loomed overhead, blocking out any final rays of sunshine. Eerie gray fog lingered in the air. I wish I hadn’t ventured into the forbidden forest by myself. I wish I had brought Ethan with me. He would comfort me and remind me that I’m not the only human left in the world….actually more likely he would tease me for being scared to try to make himself feel better, but, at this point Il would take any comfort I could get. I would even feel better if Paige were here, I thought. That way, if THEY came after us I could push her into them to slow them down and make my escape. Ethan and I would always make jokes about how Paige annoyed us both, so we always pretended that if some monster was to suddenly be discovered and she was with us before it attacked, we’d get rid of her.


None of us really needed Paige, she was like one of those flies that keeps buzzing around your head, one that just won’t go away no matter how many times you swat at it. But someday I would swat that fly, the buzzing would finally stop and that little fly would be out of my life, forever. Besides, Paige had a crush on me which she made really obvious (and I hated that). It was like she wanted to annoy me, all those lies she told me about how brave and strong I was. That was all they were. Lies. I wasn’t brave or strong like she said. I was a coward. A coward that couldn’t even save the people he loved most. Tears began to run down my cheeks.


A rustle in the trees snapped me out of my thoughts. It’s just a bird. I told myself. It’s probably perfectly normal for birds to land in these trees. It’s nothing but a bird. I glanced up into the endless canopy of trees above. It wasn’t a bird..


No, it was anything but a bird. It had mustard yellow irises around the darkest pupils that I had ever seen. It almost camouflaged in one of the many huge oak trees green and yellow leaves. Something made a soft whoosh sound. The question was, was it the wind or the thing in the tree. I allowed myself to think it was the wind because that way I could pretend that I had just imagined the eyes. I knew that whatever was in that tree wanted me dead. I wasn’t sure why but i had a feeling that i needed to leave the forest right then, or else i would not have a chance to for a very long time, if ever.


I knew I needed to run, but at the same time I was curious about what that thing was and why it wanted me to be dead. Besides, I didn’t want to deal with the outside world right then. There were too things that had gone wrong, I couldn’t leave, not until the memories had faded, even just a little bit. So I decided to stay and find out what was going to happen to me. Deep down in my heart I knew it was the wrong choice, but I couldn’t bring myself to go back to my old life.


I decided to stay in that spot until I could think of a way to keep track of where I had already been. I couldn’t draw a map since I didn’t have any paper, I could sprinkle bread crumbs everywhere, but hansel and gretel had tried that and they ended up at the house of a child eating witch. Plus, I had no bread.


I lost track of how many hours had passed, or, maybe it had only been a few minutes. I didn’t think it had been more than a day, since I didn’t feel very hungry. I stayed in the same position the entire time I was there, at least, until I heard the whispers. I would have ran away right then if I could, but I was frozen in place with no way to escape.


In The Woods Chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of In The Woods so… Enjoy. 🙂

Chapter 2: The Girl

I needed to get out of there. If only… No. It wasn’t possible. But maybe…. No, I can’t think that way. Hopefully…. No!

Time seemed to resume and I gathered up the strength and began to inch my foot forward in the sticky goo that surrounded my feet, – as well as one can with one’s foot in sticky goo-. I attempted to pull it back, which didn’t work well. Things like this often happened– it was as if there were two sides of me that were constantly wrestling for control. One side was good, the other, well… not so much. The evil side was winning more and more everyday and I had to do something fast.

My heart raced as blurry red eyes appeared all around me. They stared into my soul, as if they were deciding how much longer they would let me live.

I saw a hazy figure in the distance, gradually coming closer. The leaves crunched under its feet as it walked. It closed the distance between us by about two yards, in fact, it came so close that I could see its feet from under the bushes just in front of me. Slowly, the rest of the body showed itself. As soon as it came near me, everything seemed to freeze, but nothing stopped. I slowly began to regain my vision.

Apparently it wasn’t an it after all. It was a she.. A lady. And a beautiful one at that. But not beautiful like you would think a lady would be beautiful. She was beautiful in a different, strange way. She was beautiful like a golden sunset on a cool autumn evening in the woods -not the forbidden woods of course- crickets chirping, the smell of pine trees all around you, beautiful like the water hitting against the sandy beach shore.  It was almost like an artist had created her from the best things he could find, because boy, was she a work of art! She smelled like a Christmas tree and rain and cookies and all the other wonderful smells in the world.

She had silky long blonde, almost white hair, but looked young, maybe in her early 20’s. She had stunning green eyes and bold fiery red lips in the form of a smirk. Dangling from her ears were diamond hoop earrings. She had a black long sleeve shirt on with a silver choker around her neck. Her wrists had gold and bronze bracelets around them. Her nails were painted black and were so long that it looked as if with just a pinch she would have you punctured. She was wearing dark navy blue skinny jeans and light brown leather high heeled boots that went all the way up to her knee and had shoelaces that wrapped themselves up her legs. “Justin,” she smirked. “It’s so very nice to finally meet you.” The way she emphasized her words made me quiver in her presence.

“W-who, where, how did you find me?” I asked.

“Follow me,” she teased, “I know someone, she’s dying to help you.”

She’s dying to help me?”

“But, she can’t leave the hut…”

Getting annoyed, since she was clearly avoiding my questions, the evil side of me kicked in. “Then take me to her.”

In The Woods Chapter 3

This is Chapter 3 of ‘In The Woods’. 🙂

Chapter 3: The Strangely Beautiful Silence      

With a single glance at my feet and a whirl of her hand, the strangely beautiful lady made the sap surrounding me up to my ankles disperse and made me follow her through the woods. She lead with confidence as I struggled to weave through the thick vines, the thorny bushes, and the unyielding low hanging branches. The trip was slow, but after what felt like an eternity I caught a glimpse of a faint light in the distance. I heard a faint crackle and saw sparks fly into the air which made me realize that the light had come from a large bonfire in the middle of a field.

As we drew closer the air around me stiffened and it became harder to breathe. I looked down and saw that all of the grass ahead of me was dead as far as my eyes could see. The woman followed my gaze and immediately stopped. “The Border.” She whispered. “We have arrived.” The Border. The tiniest bell in the very back of my head rung. I had heard that before, but where?

“When we get there, do exactly as I do! Or else…!” Threatened the woman as we crossed The Border.

“Or else what?” I joked. I guess to her it wasn’t so funny.

The woman’s eyes narrowed, making her look even more beautifully fierce than before. “You look even more pretty when you’re angry.” Those words had slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them. Before I knew it, a ring of blue fire appeared around me closing in more swiftly than I had ever seen anything move, the dry grass was fueling it faster and faster. Quickly the tongue of the flames was close enough to barely lick my arm, leaving many painful blisters behind. With a flip of her hair and a twirl of her hand the fire disappeared -actually I don’t think the hair flip had anything to do with the fire’s disappearance but it sure was gorgeous-.

“Next time I won’t be so merciful.” She warned.

“Ok Miss Serious I’ll do what you do. Now, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“No.” She snapped at me.

“Are you a witch?”

“Are you a witch?” She mocked. “Of course I’m a witch you ignorant human! How else could I have made fire with just my hands or made the Good Witch’s goo around your feet go away? That goodie two-shoes witch thinks she can stop me. Well she can’t!”

“There’s a Good Witch, too?”

“Uh DUH! Yeah there’s a Good Witch! Not everyone can be bad or else the world would be boring. The only rule us bad people have is that we can’t fight other bad people, only the truly evil would break that rule but no one’s that bad. But, I wouldn’t expect you to understand any of this because you are a “good person” UHG! I hate good people. They make me sick. Technically my boss it THE bad witch, but I am still a bad witch. ”

“Why did the Good Witch put goo around my feet?” I asked.

“My guess is that she wanted to keep me away from you, but it didn’t work. I’ve almost got what I want, and she can’t stop me!” She cackled, maniacally.

“What do you mean ‘almost’? You already have me!” I remarked.

“It’s not you I want it’s-” she paused for a moment, her eyes filled with disgust  “-you tricky little human! You almost made me tell you my plans! The rest of this trip will be silent.” She growled.

I could’ve tried to run, yes, I should’ve. I could be free and out of her presence that made my legs feel like noodles and feel so tiny compared to her, but at the same time I felt strong by her side, so I didn’t run, is that bad?

The silence gave me a while to think. Who did she want if it wasn’t me? What is she gonna do with me? How is she gonna get who she wants? What do I have to do with all of this? Who is this mysterious person in the hut that wants to help me? I couldn’t think of answers for any of these many questions. Would it bother me to know who the person was? Would their fate matter to me? Would it all be worth it? After all, I only went into these woods because I had heard that someone here could help me. Could this person trapped in a hut be who they were talking about? It seems like if she could help me, (being the crazy, messed up person I am,) she would be able to get out of a simple hut.

As soon as we arrived I could see why she couldn’t escape. Suddenly, it seemed as if helping me was a simple task that anyone could perform. This was no “simple” hut, this was a literal fortress. No one would be escaping easily any time soon, or ever.

If I went in was there a way back out? Would I be trapped in there forever? Is there a reason she is trapped in here? Is she dangerous? Will she really help me? There were too many questions and not enough answers. I opened my mouth to speak, and without even looking at me, the witch replied, “Shhhh…”


In The Woods Chapter 4

Chapter 4:  The Woman Under The Cloak

The fortress must’ve been at least 12 stories tall, 50 yards wide and two hundred years old. It was covered in moss from the hinge on the drawbridge right to the flag on the top and reeked of rot. There was an old, smelly moat surrounding it with a bridge locked up and secured to the castle with many locks. On the other side of the moat was a wall of guards, all big and muscular who looked unafraid to shoot someone on the spot.

The witch whispered something to one of the guards and he immediately started undoing all the many, complicated locks. The other guards quickly followed suit. As the door creaked open you could smell something in the air, almost like a combination of desperation and hopelessness but there was something else too, something different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but there was something weird about this place that I was determined to figure out.

The first step into that fortress was something that will always send shivers down my spine. It felt as if the hall was filled with ghosts that were waiting for me to take one step out of line, to do one bad thing, and then it would be over, I would be over.

“Okay, where now?” I tried to sound positive.

“Ugh, positivity. Follow me.”

She lead me to the stairway where we climbed a spiral of stairs for what seemed like an eternity. We passed many intriguing side doors with symbols I had never seen before, never even dreamed of. After an eternity, we came to the end of the stairwell where there sat a simple wooden door with a single purple gem in the center.

As we entered the room it seemed as if the witch started to quiver in the shadows, but was too afraid to admit it.

“Are you okay?” I asked reassuringly.

“I’m fine.” She snapped back.

I guess everyone has their insecurities. Not wanting to get on her bad side, I decided to brush it off.

“So, where are we?” I inquired. Before she could respond a figure did a strange walk emerging from the shadows that can only be described as a catfish trying to do a ballet dance-really this walk can be described as many things but none are nearly as kind-. And that’s what the figure looked like too, a catfish. This figure was quite obviously a woman but she had this catfish-ish quality about her that made her look soooooo………. Unique.

She was covered from head to toe in a long, flowing, black cloak. She approached us and pulled down the hood to reveal shining white hair pulled up into a bun. Her soft eyes made me feel calm, unlike the witch’s glare. Her long, delicate, fingers brushed a hair out of her face. She smiled, showing a set of uneven slightly yellow teeth.

“Maple, I wasn’t expecting you for hours,” said the strange catfish woman. “But, since you are here I suppose we must begin.”

“Can I get some sleep first? Please? We have been traveling for the past fourteen hours!” I complained.

“Of course, my darrrling! How could I have forgotten something as important as sleep! Maple will show you to your room for the night.”

“Thank you!” I called behind me as the witch -who I guess is called Maple- guided me to the room I would be sleeping in for the night.

She lead me up even more stairs, through several large, important seeming rooms, and finally we stopped at a door decorated with seven diamond blue stars that reflected what little light was in the hall. As Maple opened the door, I stared into the room, amazed. The entire room, floor to ceiling was painted dark blue and the same kind of stars that were on my door were covering the walls and ceiling. I sat on the bed and gave a deep sigh of happiness. The mattress was as soft as a cloud.

Maple turned to face me. “Beware.” She warned. With that joyful remark she closed the door behind her.

In The Woods Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Hiding In The Dark

Beware. The word echoed in my head. But what does it mean? Beware of what? Why do I need to beware? Was that catfish lady the person that could help me? What did she want to do with me? My head hit the pillow, and the softness of the cloud bed beneath me quickly quieted my fears and I drifted off to dreamland.

THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! The pounding from the inside of my closet door startled me awake. I didn’t have the courage to open that door and find out what horrors lurked in the castle, I mean, if witches were in the castle, then who knows what else might be hiding in the dark corners of the rooms? I might even see one of THEM. Even just that thought sent tingles through my body.

The closet door creaked open. It took all my strength to keep myself from screaming my head off. It was…. it was… I shuttered. One of THEM. It had a shriveled, deformed face that was enough to make even the bravest of men run and scream in pure terror. It’s teeth were stained red with blood and were sharpened to a single curved point, but the worst part were the eyes, they glowed mustard yellow -the grossest color in the history of the universe- and dug into your mind, discovering your deepest secrets, your worst fears.

Not only was their appearance terrible, but they could do terrible things. They could instantly kill you without even touching you, but if they did that they were feeling merciful. There were countless ways that they could torture you, including licking you. I know that it sounds weird but their saliva burned skin, clothing, and even metal. They could also poison you, then heal you just enough that it wouldn’t kill you when they poisoned you again. The most common thing they would do is manipulate your body in unnatural ways that are to disturbing to describe.

I could have taken all of that because I had encountered THEM before, but this one was not a normal one of THEM. This one had a strange design on its forehead. This one was the leader. This one killed my parents.

In The Woods Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Epic Battle Between me and Death

I stared at the monster as a storm of disbelief, anger, and sadness rushed through my body. I completely forgot about the  small dagger I had gotten back home, on my 12th birthday. That was the day I became a man. That was the day this monster killed my family. It was a mistake that almost cost me my life. The anger rushed back and I roared a battle cry, grabbing the nearest thing to my hand. I had grabbed a fly swatter.

Of course. It has to be a fly swatter. Couldn’t I have grabbed something more dangerous?

It reminded me of Paige. The thought gave me a warm feeling, it was strange, almost like she was reaching her arms out to me offering a big hug. I pushed the thought aside.

Holding the fly swatter out before me like a weapon I swung with all my might releasing all the fear, pain, sadness and all the other bad feelings I had ever felt into that single swing.

It was enough to knock the monster over an send a drop of blood streaming down its face, but, being a billion times bigger than a fly, it didn’t kill it. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the monster got back up so I took my chance. I swatted its face over and over as hard as I could until blood was squirting out his face like a fountain. The blood squirted into my eye and I flew backwards in pain and landed on the floor. Of course. How could I forget, the blood of THEM, when touched causes a burn a trillion times worse than their saliva, when they lick you. There’s no telling what could happen if it got inside in you. I would be blind in that eye forever, but that would be the least of my problems, most likely, I’d die. If it wasn’t for the potion Paige gave me, that can heal any injury, no matter how severe. I guess Paige is useful for something, I thought.

I pulled the potion from my pocket, but before I could drink it, the monster was on top of me his tongue centimeters from my face. He threw the potion on the floor, and the glass shattered into the floor, the potion sizzling, useless now that it had been exposed to air.

“NOOOOOO!”  I screamed There’s no hope now. I’m a dead man.

But why hasn’t he killed me yet? He doesn’t know I got blood in my eyes, he was too focused on the blood that as  coming out from his own face to worry that it got into mine. Maybe he need me alive for something, I wondered. With something as simple as snap of their fingers one of THEM could kill you instantly. That’s not actually how they do it, of course. Well, it could be. Nobody really know how they kill people so easy, they just sort of do.

We fight for what seems like an eternity, the monster trying to kill me it his powers, me with my lame attempts to block it.  Eventually, I realized I had no chance at winning this battle, I ran towards the door, the monster chasing at me. It was locked. Of course. So at the last second, I stepped to the side as the monster barged through the door and ran down the hall after me, thinking I had gone that way somewhere around there corner. Out if all the words to describe THEM, smart wasn’t one of them. I ran the opposite direction, seeing with my in good eye, as fast as I could, knowing soon he would realize he was running after nobody.

I kept running, wanting to scream at the top of my lungs from the pain in my eye, but I held back. I was running so fast that suddenly, I ran into a tall, brunette girl about my age.

“PAIGE!!!!” I screamed  little too loudly. “I have never been more happy to see you!”

“What-” Paige started before I cut her off. I could  tell she was about to ask way too many questions, which we didn’t have time for. She was annoying like that, always asking questions at the wrong time. Truthfully, I h several of my own questions for her right then, well, mostly just one. What was she doing here? But right now we had to focus. We had a monster to run from and an eye to heal. Paige always kept several extra potions on her “just in case,” as she always said.

“Just give me a potion and then we’ll both run as fast as we can that way.” I pointed.


“Just DO IT!” I screamed impatiently. She reluctantly handed me a small bottle and I drink it’s contents. I felt a billion times better. And I could see. It was AMAZING! We ran down the hall, Paige keeping up with me, though, I’m a fast runner, Paige and I both made the track team last school year.

My heart pounded against my chest, threatening to burst. I peeked around the corner to make sure we were safe, as safe as we were going to get, anyway.

“How? What? Why? Huh?” We both said at once. We both burst into laughter. I knew it was strange, since just about ten seconds ago we were being chased by like the scariest thing ever, but we couldn’t help it. It was perfect timing, that she was there right when I needed her.

She’s always there when I need her. I realized. She’s a good friend, one I don’t wanna lose. I have to keep her safe and for that to happen we have to find away to get out of here. Well what about getting my revenge on the one of THEM that killed my parents. Revenge. I’ve had enough revenge for a life time. I thought, thinking back to the source of all my problems.

Then I remembered the reason I was here in the first place and sighed. Oh well, that’s ok. Maybe my problems won’t be fixed or maybe they will. Besides if anyone can fix my messed up life, it’s Paige.

“Come on,” I told her. “let’s find a way out of this. Together.”

She smiled. “Together.”

In The Woods Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Escape

Paige and I walked around the edge of the fortress together. Somehow Paige knew the castle like the back of her hand. I didn’t bother to ask why, I was just one of the many mysteries that I had not solved yet.


We got to the back gate without a problem, thanks to her mysterious knowledge of the fortress, but now came the tricky part. Now we actually had to escape.


I boosted Paige onto my shoulders so she could see over the ten foot tall barbed wire wall. To the left there was a black metal gate. We suspected it was guarded by soldiers on the other side, luckily there were none where we stood and we were able to get to the wall.

She climbed back down and sighed. “It’s no use, the gate is guarded by at least a dozen soldiers, and they all looked ready to kill.


“You’ll never escape that way. Here, follow me.” a voice said from behind us. We jumped. We turned and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Maple you scared us!”

“There’s no time for this, the guards switch soon. If you want to leave this place then let’s go!” she replied.

“Wait, couldn’t that be a perfect time for us to leave.” I asked.


“Only if you want to get caught!” She pointed at a small red brick building. “Thats where the new guards will come from. They will be looking right at us. Now let’s go!” She said urgently. She seemed a little too anxious to get out of there. I wondered if something was wrong, but I didn’t dare to voice my concern.


We followed her without a word as to not let anyone hear us. I mean, you can’t hear anything if there’s nothing to hear. That silence continued for at least 30 minutes. Paige finally broke it with an announcement when we crossed The Border.


“I have to pee.” She announced. Then she marched deeper into the woods.

“I also have to pee.” Announced Maple. She also marched deeper into the woods


I sat on a stump waiting. Three minutes, then five minutes, then ten minutes passed. Girls take forever to take care of business. Finally after five more minutes had passed Paige emerged, quickly followed by Maple.

“What took so long?” I asked. “It can’t take fifteen minutes to pee.

Paige looked nervously towards Maple. Maple nodded. “I sat on a porcupine. It wasn’t pretty. My potion healed it but it took a long time to get all the needles out of my butt.” Paige told me.

“And we found a long piece of rope.” Added Maple

“What were you planning to do with that rope?”

She handed it to Paige. “Show him what we’re doing with the rope.”

“My pleasure.” Paige’s voice sounded harsh and rude, I had never heard her like that. It scared me. It was like a predator getting ready to pounce on its prey. Before I could think about it further, something hard hit my head and the world went black.